Welcome to the World of Nicky Click!

CactusRose&MrOwl-SongsFromTheCornerCafeThe Nicky Click is a one woman queer feminist songwriter, singer, multi-media performance artist of all trades; currently living as a hermit twin in New England. Her live shows feature props, video, satire, dance music, dance moves, costume changes, stripping, crying, laughing, comedy, Sincerity, and special guests the Flirtas.
Not to be left behind are her alter egos “Nikki Slikk” (the mean taunting slutty cousin” and “Petunia Pie” (The sullen songs. A quiet diary keeper and keeper of memories).
She recently self released her alt. folk cd “Songs From The Corner Cafe” (with Mr. Owl) on Foxie Records. This features twangy instrumentation and her new character “Cactus Rose” belting out whiskey filled love songs.
She believes you can be a star if you can find that magic moment where it all makes sense and you believe and trust that you know what you know to be the truth.

She reached #3 on MTV logo with her music video “I’m On My Cell Phone“, (directed by Peter Pizzi) beating out lady gaga. She has released four full length albums, two seven inches, and been featured on numerous compilations, podcasts, and remixes.

She’s  a collective member of record label Crunks Not Dead based out of Olympia, Wa. (Alongside with regular cohorts and mentor Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable, and Giles O’Dell)
Click has toured and screened her videos in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, and so on for the last ten years; at queer festivals, squats, prides, ladyfests, art galleries and basements parties of one.

She has shared the stage with gossip, men, Chicks On Speed, Gravy Train, Screamclub, ESG, The Blow, Yo Majesty, Michelle Tea, Nomy Lamn, and so on.
Her visual art and paintings have appeared worldwide, most recently alongside Lydia Lunch and Bruce la Bruce.
She has been featured in publications such as Curve, Bitch, Venus, L-mag, Out, Advocate, Chow International, Original Plumbing and Hugs and Kisses.
She makes most of her own costumes and wigs, and can be seen with opulence working the newest styles of high couture ready to wear chow.

Her writings and poems can be seen in random tour zines along the years.  She has written in and collected her diaries since she was eight; and somehow someday hopes too publish her memoirs.
She appreciates anybody who has housed her, fed her, lent a lipstick, lent a cocktail, gave a hug, helped with sound, booked a show, helped promote, and shaked their booty on the dance floor. She apologizes for the many times she was a drunken fool.

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