Cactus Rose & Mr. Owl


Over the past decade, Nicky Click has pursued mostly an electro pop style of music, with lots of beats, funny lyrics and a groove you can dance to. But she has always loved Country, Blues, Americana and Folk music. So, over the last 3 years she has been working with her long time collaborator, Mr. Owl, to create an album of mostly Country, Americana and Folk music.

Working with an outstanding group of musicians from Southern New Hampshire, the new cd is called “Songs From The Corner CafĂ©“, and is dedicated to a favorite aunt who passed away several years ago from cancer. We had a great time making this album, which is upbeat and happy, and named after all the wonderful little cafes found in downtown areas that serve steaming hot cups of coffee.

You can find more from Mr. Owl here.

    Songs From The Corner Cafe
    By Ms. Cactus Rose & Mr. Owl

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  • The Money Song
  • Why’d You Have to Go
  • Peaceful Heart
  • Can’t Hold a Candle to You
  • I Want You
  • Will You Go Dancing
  • Caffeine
  • Corner Cafe
  • Emma’s Song
  • Old Cowboy Songs
  • Just Not You
  • What Matters to Me

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