Dear Diary

I will write more in you.

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it has been 4-evs since i have sat down to muse around!

i have so much love for all my fans and everyone who dances with me!

here are free 5 downloads of various hits from my last three downloads!

download for freeeeeee and share with ur girls and boyz and feel good!
download here!

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Fan Page

i finally have a facebook “fan page”

so be one if you shall!


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Quitting Smoking

dear diary it’s me again

i am quitting smoking

it is so hard i feel hyper anxious but i have an electronic cig which gives me nicotine its just so silly how smoking always seemed so cool and rebellious to me, like ladies who smoked were radical and glam.well 15 years and thousandss of dollars and coughs latter i feel like shit, i really can’t sing that well and my dancing kinda sucks.

i guess some deep breathes can substitute that old cancer friend

Nof5r3mJrPx22vH8QzO1sp-yCvUl8gmkUNYPSBJz_lILB2chrmUdBfT6TXRnScStDR_FJIMSAVq8zk6KdU8RfhPXsGjwwoevdVirel7GJUbc0gTIHBnDXFp3sg 8-030Sj_qU2IACT9skAIjEG3E-i_U6fZMspXWQt--cX6aC-WzJ_9JNPS1D0NescS2jGEd_TOYPm8mDVqrPUt9wNUaj2yfPgVFvOZ02xyGkD730ECai7Hq9RjWQ

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New Album & More!

WqVxHUS7mWq3c_Z6MOAzhNwNbIZIPnvJRKfLXWI8FynX1H0SAkjwvL7Q4EZhrdkQYkvprfX4_UHMJ7AlZSQCLtKum_9DnjafI5l9caezcyN5BHepCWvUGor1Agwhy hello to all the special ones out there that are reading my diary! i sit wearing a jogging suit and acrylic nails in is snow like snowbound! but i have been home for three weeks from Europe magic and the pony power tour! big thanks to cindy wonderful, screamclub, the fab lab, nuclear family, barbi deinhoffs, katastrophe, lady jane and VJ carrie gates!

i am releasing my third album this march on crunks not dead records. the cd is mixed and mastered and explores the four click characters-

  • nicky click
  • nikki slikk
  • petunia pie
  • cactus rose

via merging of heavy house, minimal electro, roots music, and remixes. she is currently booking college and pride shows for now until spring, and will embark on her nationwide! album release tour in june-august with crunks not dead fellow artist, CJ and the dolls. my good friend peter pizzi is doing my album design totally goth style with rocky horror picture show high influence. and who could forget my co-producer mr.owl! a true dare devil and songwriter/co-producer, of this four years in the waiting album!

if you havent already plz join my facebook fan club at click here please!

and my gossip page at

plz click here byrd!

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with love and utter devotion to you who love a clown trashy feminist as me, thanks!


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New Site!


Good afternoon to all the nickyclick fans!
I am writing from semi fall-ish new hampshire, where i reside with my family while not on tour.

This is sooooo exciting to have my very own special webpage! i still get really 8th grade and cute about it and look at it even in its beginning stages! it’s being made by my best friend carrie gates, a VJ/video/web/projections extraordinaire. carrie and i actually meet on facebook a yr and a half ago maybe, we are a testimony to moving around with feminist queer questionable video/music, collaboration and a shared and challenging final piece of music/video that goes together. i am ahead of myself. basically after trying to work online with me sending her video and then her manipulating it, she went so far as to get us a wonderful residency! i got too work with her in a hotel room 24/7 on “the one doll gaze,” which we did live (audio and video created during this residency) at the queer city cinema in Regina, SK. This experience helped me to actually grasp on more to the characters in each of my songs, as i thought of how i wanted to dress and move my body on video. how it would reflect back. i had to reverse that gaze, so i guess carrie and i are the two dolls- reflecting words/images/body movements/props/costume/verbal exchange. for my last tour “the lady bear tour with CJ and the dolls carrie made the 40 min projection video for my live 40 minute show. so that’s another part of why this website is special, cos we share visions togehter. we are high chow visonaries! please keep looking back for updates!

Please feel free to email and say hi,

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