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Electro pop singer Nicky Click believes everyone has more than one persona, and she’s not afraid to express hers, especially on stage.

For starters, she credits her alter ego, Petunia Pie, for her brand of upbeat energetic electro pop that’s a vehicle for songs about queer femme identity, heartbreak, politics and emotion.

Click performs next Thursday, Jan. 11, at EGL in North Adams, the first musician on the upstairs stage since the nightclub has been under new management and the inaugural act in a new Thursday night lineup for college-aged clubgoers.

Click’s performance is part of the Coast to Coast Discount Diva Tour with rapper Cathy Cathodic from Boston.

EGL’s new manager, Vaal London-Kane, said she heard of Click through her friend Missi St. Pierre, who books bands for the Robot Mansion at the Contemporary Artists Center in North Adams.
“I’ve heard a lot about her. It’s a loaded performance that’s also very fun,” said St. Pierre, also the marketing director at Skyboro Sound in North Adams. “They’re ultra-hip.”

Nicky Click, 26, also known as Nicole Gsottschneider, grew up in Durham, N.H., and recently moved back there after attending Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash.

According to her Web site, her music strives to make others aware of the internalized unconscious roles in which we categorize and limit women.

“I think that all women are judged and categorized is so many ways,” Click said last week from her parents’ home in Durham. “Part of the whole thing about Nicky Click is a paper doll that unfolds (into) all the different roles that are me. I have so many different ‘me’s,’ as does everyone.”

Click’s new album “You’re Already a Member,” which features the all-female queer electro hip hop band Scream Club, was released on her independent collective record label Crunks Not Dead, founded in conjunction with Scream Club.

She is producing her next album, “I’m on my cellphone,” with her father.

Due in February, the album, she said, is a family affair.

“My parents are extremely supportive,” she said.

Click has toured Europe, opening for Lady Sovereign in 2005, and has shared stages with The Blow, Gravy Train, StinkMitt, Grand Buffet, Anna Oxygen, Why? of the Anticon Collective, Tender Forever, Scream Club, JenRo, Katastrophe, Veronica Lipgloss, Tricotic and Nomy Lamm, Busdriver and many

She has also performed at the Rockrgrrl festival in Seattle, Musicfest NW in Portland, The Seattle Queering Femininity Conference, Austin’s South By Southwest, the Vancouver Pride Festival and Ladyfest Olympia. Her music videos have been screened by The Seattle Queer Film Festival, Mania TV, The Flaming Film Festival, Wonderground TV and several Ladyfests around the world.

The San Francisco Weekly described her as “a one-woman feminist electro band.”

Click said she hopes her music will encourage people, particularly women, to avoid typecasting themselves, or thinking they don’t belong somewhere because they’re not that “type.”

“All my songs are about different characters that are me and I encourage people to try to let go during a show,” she said.

Nicky Click, with Cathy Cathodic on the Coast to Coast Discount Diva Tour, performs Thursday, Jan 11, at EGL,
23 Eagle St. in North Adams.

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