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You can find all of Nicky’s videos here and many more on Nicky Click’s YouTube channel. There are also some live performance videos on the Contact page and nifty video mixes of Nicky Click by VJ Carrie Gates on Vimeo and YouTube.

Fuck Machine

Edited by Coral Short. Shot at Atelier CMD in Montreal 2013.

fuckmachine from Coral Short on Vimeo.


Single from the album Metaphorically, Of Course, out now on Crunks Not Dead records!
All camera and editing by the amazing Athens Boys Choir


Fan video for “Caffeine” by Nicky Click. From the album “Metaphorically, of course……..” produced by Nicky Click and Mr. Owl.
The video is taken from Jim Jarmusch’s “Coffee and Cigarettes”

Utter Despair and Chocolate Eclairs

Song by Nicky Click. Video by Athens Boys Choir. Enter the magical, enchanted world of Nicky Click with menacing ceramics and glazed pastry. Avoid the menacing eclair thieves and find yourself in a carbohydrate dream.

Don’t Call Me Baby

Featuring dance magick members…filmed in olympia, wa in 2005…co-produced by nicky click and david langley from team hill studios.

I’m On My Cell Phone

Directed by Peter Pizzi. Song by Nicky Click. Produced by Magic Club Productions. Edited by Peter Pizzi.

Two Femme Girls

Footage by Courtney Trouble & Evan Fortin, music & editing by Nicky Click.

The true story of two femme girls who go skating at a roller ink for their very first date. and then they wonder, will this make people assume we are fucking and mating, or just two best friends out skating? could it really be possible that two girls that wear lipstick could be dating? can you fist with fake nails? well, this video was made almost 4 years ago in olympia, and now it finally premeries
on you tube! big up Nicky Click and Crunk’s Not Dead!

I Wanna Excersize

Co-produced by Mark Saboran and starring Amanda Bannana, Cindy Wonderful, and Benny P.


Nicky Click’s music video for “Acnecore,” a collaboration with Scream Club, Joey Casio, and director Philipe Lonestar.

Samples from the Tour Projections DVD made for Nicky Click by VJ Carrie Gates


Wizardchow – SIlent Video Mix by by VJ Carrie Gates.

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