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Songs From The Corner Cafe
By Ms. Cactus Rose & Mr. Owl

  • The Money Song
  • Why’d You Have to Go
  • Peaceful Heart
  • Can’t Hold a Candle to You
  • I Want You
  • Will You Go Dancing
  • Caffeine
  • Corner Cafe
  • Emma’s Song
  • Old Cowboy Songs
  • Just Not You
  • What Matters to Me

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Metaphorically, Of Course

Nicky Click - Metaphorically Of Course Album Cover

"Metaphorically, of Course" is out now!


  1. Nicky’s In The House
  2. Pop Diva
  3. Rickie’s Song
  4. Drop That Booty
  5. Riding In My Cadillac
  6. Move It Around
  7. Sugar Sugar Sugar
  8. Creature Of The Night
  9. Love To H8 You
  10. I Can Love Again
  11. Dirty And Flirty
  12. I Want You
  13. Easy Way Down
  14. Caffeine
  15. Lie With You
  16. Dear Diary xo
  17. Fireflies

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I’m On My Cell Phone

Im on My Cell Phone

“I’m on my Cell Phone,” Nicky’s second full length album featuring appearances by Katastrophe, Johnny Dangerous, JenRO, Cathy Cathodic, Hornet Leg, Danny Damage, and her father Mr. OWL!!!


  1. I’m on My Cell Phone
  2. Utter Despair and Chocolate Eclairs
  3. Crazy Shit
  4. Ice Cream Girl
  5. Get on the Floor and Dance
  6. Don’t Gotta Pay for Love
  7. Fuck Machine
  8. It’s Complicated
  9. Anxiety
  10. You’re the One
  11. Who’s Laughing Now?
  12. Butterflies
  13. Rhea
  14. Petunia Pie
  15. Dreams of a Dreamer

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You’re Already a Member!

Youre Aldready A Member

Check out Nicky Click’s debut album, “You’re Already a Member!”

© 2006 Crunk’s Not Dead


  1. Don’t Call Me Baby
  2. Contact Comfort
  3. At Least I Tried
  4. Two Femme Girls
  5. Protege
  6. Entertain Me
  7. Contact Lenses
  8. You Make Me Smile
  9. I Wanna Excercise
  10. 123 Page Me
  11. You’re the Shit
  12. European Flying
  13. I Gotta Gal
  14. Nicky Click and Hornet Leg
  15. Don’t Call Me Baby (Genuine Guy Remix)

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Amazing collaboration of Nicky Click and Cabiria Jones! Electronic release on SoundCloud.


  1. Wave
  2. Burn This Disco
  3. Turn It Around
  4. Can’t Slow Down
  5. Beat Boy (Interference)

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New 7″

Vinyl 7″ record with four exclusive remixes featuring Beth Ditto, Peaches, Shunda K of Yo Majesty, and LadyJane.

$8.00 + postage, holla at!

Scream Club vs. Nicky Click 7″


4 feel good collaborations from your favorite feminist electro hoppers.

© Crunk’s Not Dead and Rec The Place

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Nicky Click video dvd comp! $15 postage paid via paypal to

Nicky Click
Nicky Click


Available in many colors and sizes! $12 postage paid to paypal address

Nicky Click



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