Nicky ClickNicky ClickNicky Click

Nicky Click described as “A one woman feminist electro band.”

-SF Weekly


“Nicky Click is my new favorite discovery! I will never forget the image of her in her stripey unitard, bouncing around on stage singing and reciting her feel-good, feminist retro-80s new wave pop. “I Wanna Excercise” is my new favorite song!!”

– Curve Magazine


“Nicky Click is an Olympia, Wash.-based electronic artist who spent the winter opening for U.K. grime sensation Lady Sovereign. With Sov’s name on the lips of music bloggers everywhere, Click’s success can’t be far behind.”

-The Portland Tribune


Nicky ClickNicky ClickNicky Click


“On her album “I’m on My Cell Phone”, Nicky Click makes a recruiting pitch you probably haven’t heard before: “I am a fuck machine—you can join my team.” Uncle Sam was never so forthcoming. Speaking of teams, Click is a kindred spirit of the duo Team Gina (her label mates on Crunk’s Not Dead), who graced the Café at Outloud stage a while back—employing a similarly wry and decidedly queer-friendly take on crunk and electro pop while delivering songs that are campy, playful and unapologetically fun: Click has a song about a chocolate eclair that may or may not be about a chocolate eclair.”

8 p.m. at The Café at Outloud. —STEVE HARUCH


“Four songs in, using her best valley-girl-meets-’80s-club-diva voice, Nicky Click gets straight to the point: “Who here likes ice cream?” It takes a unique sort of sweet tooth to handle “I’m on My Cell Phone”; otherwise, this melts faster than soft-serve on a car radiator. “Cell Phone” plays out like the “Kool Thing” Kim Gordon/Chuck D. exchange stretched to 15 songs. It consists of dialogues between Click and a deep-voiced “Mr. Owl,” and one-sided talks between her and her “diary.” Topics range from the titular phone (“I got a brand new ring tone/And you’re on permanent roam”) to queer politics (“I’m gonna stay away from them/Their pleasure is much too intriguing”) to twee-indie love screeds, though the corny-as-hell production-bubblegum electro-pop and early-days hip-hop, mostly–makes The Blow sound groundbreaking.”

-Reviewed by Michael Byrne, December 13, 2007.


Nicky Click described as: “performance artist/electronic dance queen”

-The Olympian


Nicky ClickNicky ClickNicky ClickNicky ClickNicky Click


Nicky Click described as: “get drunk and dance with your girlfriends music”

-The Arcata Eye


“Think Gravy Train!!!! meets Peaches with added quirkiness and extra wit and you’ll get the picture of this super solo lady of lektro hop!”

-the Daughters of the Kaos


“Much like Le Tigre or Gravy Train, Nicky melds her politics with energetic electronic dance music. She is also an aspiring hip-hop diva in the Peaches mold.”

-Church Of Girl Radio


Nicky ClickNicky Click


“A young, energetic Olympian, Nicky Click runs in the same tight, electro circle as those crazy kids in Scream Club. And she wears a leotard during her performances. Translation: fun and ballsy.”

-Mark Baumgarten, Willamette Weekly


“Click does not rap so much as her words pause and slither to land on beat, her voice is breathy and coquettish. She owes more to Berliner bad girls like Peaches and Kevin Blechdom, with her self-conscious, self-empowered, self-help jargon-laced feminist tropes, earnest via ironic, minimal electro.”

-Portland Mercury


“Nicky Click has an unconventional tounge and cheek kind of style with memorable hooks and it works. The majority of the tracks take it back with a bit of old school hip hop flavor from the electronic/dance side.”

-Taxi music


Nicky Click


“Nicky click is incredibly catchy”

-Boston’s Weekly Dig


“Nicky Click Makes me want to pull up my knee socks, grab some friends, and dance the night away in my bedroom.”

-Plazm Magazine


“Click’s live performance, recordings and videos entertain with wit and confidence while riding a fine line of hard-edged self exposure. Combining video work reminiscent of Sadie Benning and the character performances of Miranda July, Click offers up a tight set of engaging music that entertains and invokes conversation and thought.”

-Lisa Ganser, The Flaming Film Festival


Nicky Click


“I instantly loved Nicky Click! This kind of hip hop coming out on Crunks Not Dead Records is crazy stuff. Who new that dance music and hip hop would blend so easily. It’s Electro-pop, hip hop with a slice of punk-defied pie.I couldn’t stop moving my head to the music.”

-Disheveled Magazine


‘I Just got her CD and fell in love”


“Nicky Click’s lyrics are compelling.”

-Bitch Magazine


Nicky Click


“Click held me enraptured and laser-focused on the stage.”

-The Santa Fee Reporter


Nicky Click described as “A rad-synthy dance girl”

-KDVS Radio


“Lyrically she tackles feminist and queer agendas.”



Nicky Click


Nicky Click described as “Sassy electropop.”


“Click pumps up the jam on elementary electro tracks about everything from lipstick-lesbian lust and queer visibility to attacking anti–gender bias catchphrases.”

-Out Magazine


“This just might be the most good-natured and straight-up spunky thing you’ll hear this summer.”

-Pop Matters


Nicky Click


“Silly, righteous, disarming and totally entertaining…”

-Punk Planet


“Nicky Click is in the same steamy vein as peaches and princess superstar and fuses sex-fuelled synths and beats with lyrics inspired by mixed emotions and queer politics.”

–The Montreal Mirror


“Nicky Click plays of ‘so funky’ electro electro pop rooted in identity issues and eighties vintage jazzercise clothes”

-The Source Weekly Oregon


Nicky Click


“Nicky Click’s video art and music is deliciously quirky.”

-The Ottawa XPress


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