Top 25 Hot Femmes

By Diane Anderson-Minshall

Published in SheWired

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Maybe it’s because I can’t stop listening to her new album, Metaphorically…of Course, or the fact that I can still imagine her in her striped unitard, bopping around on stage while singing the feel good retro new wave hit, “I Wanna Exercise.” Whatever it is, I adore Nicky Click, the electro femme pop cabaret queer performance artist who does her own shows in various personas like Cactus Rose and Petunia Pie. Under the wigs and makeup lies a quiet New England queer femme, and some of that twangy introspection shows up on the new album (along with her wonderfully eclectic dance classics). Check out YouTube to fully understand Nicky Click’s magnetism.

-Diane Anderson-Minshall

Nicky Click Reviewed in the Northeast Performer

Nicky Click – I’m On My Cellphone

Review by Micheal Byrne

Published in XLR8R

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Four songs in, using her best valley-girl-meets-’80s-club-diva voice, Nicky Click gets straight to the point: “Who here likes ice cream?” It takes a unique sort of sweet tooth to handle I’m on My Cell Phone; otherwise, this melts faster than soft-serve on a car radiator. Cell Phone plays out like the “Kool Thing” Kim Gordon/Chuck D. exchange stretched to 15 songs. It consists of dialogues between Click and a deep-voiced “Mr. Owl,” and one-sided talks between her and her “diary.” Topics range from the titular phone (“I got a brand new ring tone/And you’re on permanent roam”) to queer politics (“I’m gonna stay away from them/Their pleasure is much too intriguing”) to twee-indie love screeds, though the corny-as-hell production–bubblegum electro-pop and early-days hip-hop, mostly–makes The Blow sound groundbreaking.

-Michael Byrne

Nicky Click Reviewed in the Northeast Performer

Nicky Click – I’m On My Cellphone
Recorded and mixed by Jeff Landrock

Review by C.D. Di Guardia

Published in Northeast Performer

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Was anyone looking for a follow-up to No Doubt’s “Spiderwebs,” perhaps updated for the mobile age and performed by a girl who sounds as if she was playing with a not-entirely-full deck? If so, look no further than Nicky Click’s I’m On My Cellphone.

This record fosters both initial and continued confusion. Nicky Click’s voice is either precociously charming or hideously annoying. The songs are either insanely clever or inanely pointless. Nicky Click is such a little trickster that it is hard to decide one way or the other.

This record is entirely deceptive, mostly thanks to Ms. Click’s bizarre vocal delivery. Her voice is comprised of a soft series of quirks, often multi-tracked into an army of Nickys. Most of the lyrical content seems pulled out of the wave of late ‘90s / early ‘00s wave of musical video games along the lines of Parappa the Rappa and UmJammer Lammy. Click seems like a character ripped from one of the sillier dance levels on one of these games. When she celebrates the fact that “They didn’t get my chocolate éclair,” it is unclear as to whether or not this is some veiled sexual reference, or maybe just a not-so-veiled dessert reference. From the general tenor of the record, the answer is probably “dessert.”

Click is refreshing on many levels, though. Her music lacks any sense of self-conscience that may come with being the undisputed weirdest female person on the block. Click’s performance is self-assured and confident, a twisted, hornier M.I.A. Click calls herself out by name multiple times on the record, raps over her own homemade beats, and more or less presents herself as the self-avowed creator of the until now unheard-of feminist DIY dance movement. Love it or hate it, you should at least hear the album that is no doubt perplexing music reviewers everywhere. (Crunks Not Dead)

-C.D. Di Guardia

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